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Time is running out to enroll Children under age 19 in Washington State

Washington Children only Policy

I would like to draw your attention to my previous post about Individual Health Insurance for Children in Washington Statehttp://www.briangruss.com/children-under-age-19-in-washington/ Time is running out to get children health insurance in Washington State, during this open enrollment period.  Get a hold of me today to get help figuring this all out.  — Brian Gruss 509-927-9200


Multiple Trips Outside the Country

If you are making multiple trips outside the country, I would recommend you take a look at Travel Gap Multi-Trip by HTH Worldwide.  If that is the plan the works for you, you can fill out the application which is a part of the brochure and fax it back to me, or you can enroll online at http://www.hthtravelinsurance.com/prdCobrand/travel_medical.cfm?link_id=48782&link=tg&header=n&personalized=y