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2011 HSA Limits

2011 HSA Limits

The IRS has stated that they are not changing the limits for HSA’s from 2010 for 2011.

Contribution Limit
55+ Contribution

HSA Bank


When looking at health insurance plans, it is not uncommon to see the term coinsurance.  Coinsurance simply means the percentage of covered expenses under a medical insurance plan that is paid by the insurance company once a deductible is satisfied.  For example if you hear the term 80/20 plan.  That means that after the deductible is met you the subscriber will pay 20% and the insurance company will pay 80%.  You will continue to pay that 20% up until you reach the annual coinsurance maximum, and then the insurance company will pay 100% up to the policy maximums.

Make sure you check your policy for it’s definitions.  If you purchased your insurance through me or are looking to use me as your agent, I would be more than happy to go over this with you.