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Dental Coverage

Dental Coverage

When your lo0king at dental coverage for you and your family, really pay attention to what what you are buying.  I ran across dental coverage today, that just covers a little bit for cleanings, fillings, and nothing else, for the price of what it would cost for other plans.

I am more than happy to talk about dental coverage for you and your family, and am not afraid to tell you not what I told my client today, not to buy it!  But instead let’s look at the discount plans

My belief is that one should buy insurance on a personal basis and not by the recommendation to a carrier by a friend or a family member.  Their unique circumstances are different than yours.

Anthem Blue Cross Rate Increase Proposal

This mostly goes out to my California clients, but anyone can comment.  What are your thoughts on Anthem Blue Cross of California’s proposed rate hikes?  Do you think they are justified with the cost of claims, or do you think they are unsubstantiated?  Do we have all the facts in order to make that call?

My personal belief is that we don’t have all the facts, and that it is a little bit of Anthem’s fault, as well as the rising costs of healthcare.

I know this will open up a Pandora’s box, all I ask that in your comments you keep it polite and respectful no matter what side of the fence is on.  By the way this is how positive change happens.

If you are a current Anthem Blue Cross of California member, are you going to stick around?  Are you checking out other carriers like, Blue Shield of California, and Assurant Health?