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Surprising Long Term Care Insurance Statistic

Surprising Long Term Care Insurance Statistic

In a recent report from the American Association for Long Term Care insurance, it states that in 2011 $6.6 billion (6,600,000,000.00) were paid out in claims to 200,000 people.

If all the claims were equal (which we know were not) that would be $33,000.00 per person on claim.

Now not everyone goes on to long term care claim (just like not everyone has a car accident), but if you do go into a facility whether nursing home or assisted living, or you need someone to come to the house, how do you plan on paying that?  Let’s use the number of $33,000 per year (some are higher some will be lower), what will that do to your savings account, your retirement, do your kids have enough to pay for it?

I know it’s a lot of questions, but something that you should at least think about. You should contact me for a quote specific for your situation.

Also did you know when it comes to purchasing long term care insurance that you can write off a portion of it?  I have copied this directly from the IRS website.

Qualified long-term care premiums up to the amounts shown below.
Age 40 or under – $340.00
Age 41 to 50 – $640.00
Age 51 to 60 – $1,270.00
Age 61 to 70 – $3,390.00
Age 71 or over – $4,240.00

Again Contact me with questions.

Discount Dental Plans now available in Washington State

Just got an email saying that discount dental plans are now available in Washington State.  This is great news.  While they are not dental insurance, they do offer a lot of features that regular dental insurance does not.  Goto http://www.briangruss.com/links/dental-plans or give Brian a call today 509-927-9200

Arizona Insurance

I am now offering insurance options to the people in the great state of Arizona, give a call 800-240-3390

Dental Coverage

Dental Coverage

When your lo0king at dental coverage for you and your family, really pay attention to what what you are buying.  I ran across dental coverage today, that just covers a little bit for cleanings, fillings, and nothing else, for the price of what it would cost for other plans.

I am more than happy to talk about dental coverage for you and your family, and am not afraid to tell you not what I told my client today, not to buy it!  But instead let’s look at the discount plans

My belief is that one should buy insurance on a personal basis and not by the recommendation to a carrier by a friend or a family member.  Their unique circumstances are different than yours.

Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental, is an individual dental insurance plan.  The Spirit Dental plan is an indemnity plan, which means you can go to any dentist that you choose.  Keep in mind though that because of this, Spirit Dental will only pay what is called Reasonable and Customary, up to the percentages of the policy.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, give me a call 509-927-9200 and I can explain.

Spirit Dental Application

Time is running out to enroll Children under age 19 in Washington State

Washington Children only Policy

I would like to draw your attention to my previous post about Individual Health Insurance for Children in Washington Statehttp://www.briangruss.com/children-under-age-19-in-washington/ Time is running out to get children health insurance in Washington State, during this open enrollment period.  Get a hold of me today to get help figuring this all out.  — Brian Gruss 509-927-9200