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Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental, is an individual dental insurance plan.  The Spirit Dental plan is an indemnity plan, which means you can go to any dentist that you choose.  Keep in mind though that because of this, Spirit Dental will only pay what is called Reasonable and Customary, up to the percentages of the policy.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, give me a call 509-927-9200 and I can explain.

Spirit Dental Application

Four Solutions to Medical Bill Problems

Four Solutions to Medical Bill Problems

There’s just something a little scary about receiving a medical bill or a letter from your insurance company claiming you owe money. These tiny sheets of paper have the power to send many of us into full-on panic mode.

As soon as you receive a medical bill or explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider, do you immediately whip out your checkbook and mail in your payment? Are you terrified you’ll be turned over to a collection agency if you don’t pay the bill right away?

Not so fast! Before you cough up the cash for that medical bill or EOB, it’s important to do a little homework. Don’t simply assume that you have to pay the bill. First of all, it could be a mistake. Secondly, the doctor’s office or hospital will not send your bill to collections right away. And most importantly, if you pay the bill only to realize later that it was covered by your insurance, it can be extremely difficult to get a refund.

So, put away that checkbook and read on to learn the solutions to four common medical bill problems:

Common Problem #1:  You receive a bill for a covered service.

Let’s your medical provider sends you a bill for a service or procedure that your insurance has always covered in the past. Don’t assume your insurance provider has simply changed their coverage. More often than not, this just means that the insurance company hasn’t had a chance to pay the bill.

If you receive a bill for commonly covered service, let it sit for 30 days. This should give your insurance provider plenty of time to pay off the bill. However, if you receive another bill from the medical provider, give your insurance company a call to find out what’s going on. You should also call the medical provider to let them know that you’re working with the insurance company to make sure they pay.

Common Problem #2: You see the word “DENIED.”

You go to the doctor or dentist for a standard service that’s usually covered by your insurance company. However, a few weeks later, you receive a claim stamped with the menacing word, “DENIED” in bright red letters.

Don’t freak out because it’s probably just a mistake. The medical provider may have incorrectly coded the treatment. Call your insurance company and make sure the claim matches the actually service you received. If not, let them know what happened, and find out the proper code for your treatment. You may need to follow up with the medical provider, as well.

Common Problem #3: You have a jumbled pile of EOBs and bills and no idea what you owe.

If you have a whole mess of EOBs and medical bills, it can be difficult to figure out what goes with what and how much you need to pay. That’s why it’s important to keep all of your medical records as organized as possible. A little bit of organization could save you a whole lot of time, money and frustration down the road.

When you receive a bill from your medical provider, staple it to the coordinating EOB from your insurance company. Keep all of your bills in a folder so you can easily and quickly access them. If you call your insurance company or medical provider to discuss a particular claim, write notes on the EOB or bill to keep track of who you talked to and what you discussed.

Common Problem #4: Only a portion of your claim was paid.

Let’s say you received a standard medical treatment that’s typically covered in full by your insurer. But a few weeks later, you discover your insurance company covered only a portion of the claim. It could be a slip-up on the insurer’s end or the medical provider could have coded the treatment incorrectly. But more often than not, this happens when you go to an out-of-network provider.

If that’s the case, you’ll probably have to pay this claim. When you go to a provider that is not part of your insurer’s network, you often have to pay more out of pocket. However, if you receive this kind of bill and you’re certain you saw a network provider, give your insurance company a call. It could simply be a mistake.

Of course, this is just a handful of medical billing problems. Patients deal with these and countless other medical billing issues day in and day out. So, the next time you receive a bill or EOB in the mail, don’t panic. When in doubt, call your insurance company and/or the medical provider to discuss your concerns.

The Benefits of Using Discount Dental Plans

The Benefits of Using Discount Dental Plans

Many times, when it comes to expenses, people tend to place their dental needs farther down on the list if they’re pressed for cash. The average dental insurance plan can be rather cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, due to this fact, discount dental plans are now available and can take care of most dental needs at a substantial savings to you.

Dental discount plans offer instant value as the needed work can be undertaken without delay. In addition, such work can be done at a reasonable cost because of the exceptional discounts members of such plans receive.  What’s nice about most dental discount plans is that they offer the same providers as those plans offering more traditional coverage. This reason in itself is sufficient cause to consider joining such a plan. Also, the discount plans maintain a set amount or discount for each dental service you choose.

Discount dental plans usually cover over 50% of the cost of dental services. You can readily understand then why using the insurance can be a boon to the everyday cost of living. In fact, you can visit the dentist as much as you need, saving up to as much as 80% each time on any needed work.

Another attractive feature about using discount dental plans is that they sometimes provide coverage for cosmetic procedures and surgery. Therefore, if you long to cosmetically enhance your smile with veneers or brighten your pearly whites to an even more gleaming shade of white, you may be in luck.

The cost of the majority of the plans is very reasonable as well. Some decent family plans begin as low as $19.95 a month while individual plans can start as low as $14.95.

Of course, regular cleanings and checkups can offset major costs with regards to dental work. And many discount dental plans offer free annual checkups and cleaning. This way, you can get into the habit of seeing the dentist on a regular basis and avoid the dental problems that can prevail when avoiding such visits.

Nevertheless, to give you an example of the savings you can realize by using such a plan, consider the following hypothetical case. Say, you go in to have a root canal and a couple teeth filled.  The cost is around, for instance, $700. Using a discount dental plan, the amount is discounted by 80%. Therefore, you’re only responsible for $140 out-of-pocket expense. That’s why using a discount plan is so beneficial to your overall dental health.

Given the above information, you owe it to yourself and your family, to subscribe to one of the discount dental plans that are currently available. It can make a significant impact on how you feel about yourself and the care you can give to members of your family. They make it possible to take care of your family’s dental needs without the added stress that can result from the exorbitant costs for treatment.

Make it your mission then to find a discount dental plan that is right for you. Usually such a plan entails merely joining, paying the membership fee, and using one of the plan’s listed dentists. Your dental health should be a priority along with the other important things in your life.

I recommend checking out http://www.briangruss.com/links/dental-plans to look at the savings you could be realizing.  You can apply right online, or you can fill out the Dentalplans.com Paper Enrollment Form.

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