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Cobra Alternative

When you’re between permanent health insurance plans, COBRA coverage isn’t your only option.  Get the financial protection you need, often
at a lower cost, with Short Term Medical temporary insurance.  Often less costly than COBRA even with  the current government subsidy,*
a Short Term Medical plan is the ideal way to fill a gap in permanent health coverage:

  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for employer benefits
  • Temporary or seasonal employees
  • Newly independent

After a job loss, you might think you can’t afford insurance. But an unexpected illness or injury can strike anytime and leave behind devastating bills. Look at some examples of what you might pay for these injuries and illnesses without the protection of Short Term Medical.
Injury/illness Charges

  • Injuries from a motor vehicle accident $165,818
  • Broken leg from a fall $19,629
  • Pneumonia $128,268
  • Bicycle accident $337,404

These numbers are based on submitted claims.

Short Term Medical makes it easy to protect yourself from unexpected high medical bills.

• Answer just a few questions to apply
• Coverage as early as tomorrow
• Plan durations of 30 to 360 days (varies by state)
• Flexible plan and payment options
• You choose or keep your own doctors

Talk to Brian today about covering your insurance gap with Short Term medical today!
Even a short time without insurance  is not worth the risk!!!