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Anthem Blue Cross Withdrawals Rate Hike In California

Anthem Blue Cross Withdrawals Rate Hike In California

Anthem Blue Cross of California has decided to withdrawal it’s highly controversial rate increase amid errors found in a independent review.  Anthem has stated that it will file a new application for increase with the California Insurance Commissioner.

Anthem Blue Cross Rate Increase Proposal

This mostly goes out to my California clients, but anyone can comment.  What are your thoughts on Anthem Blue Cross of California’s proposed rate hikes?  Do you think they are justified with the cost of claims, or do you think they are unsubstantiated?  Do we have all the facts in order to make that call?

My personal belief is that we don’t have all the facts, and that it is a little bit of Anthem’s fault, as well as the rising costs of healthcare.

I know this will open up a Pandora’s box, all I ask that in your comments you keep it polite and respectful no matter what side of the fence is on.  By the way this is how positive change happens.

If you are a current Anthem Blue Cross of California member, are you going to stick around?  Are you checking out other carriers like, Blue Shield of California, and Assurant Health?

Anthem Blue Cross raises rates

Anthem Blue Cross in California is raising rates up to 39%.  California Insurance Commissioner is calling for the postponement from an effective date of 3/1 to 5/1 so that his office can review the rate increase.  You can see the whole press release from the insurance commissioner here.  Additionally the Obama administration has expressed concern over this as well.  One of the problems with this rate hike is that Anthem Blue Cross’s parent company is Wellpoint.  Wellpoint made a significant profit in the fourth quarter of 2009.  If you currently have Anthem Blue Cross in California, several of my clients have been looking at the rates of other California health insurers.  Below are a couple:

Blue Shield of California

Assurant Health

California Health Insurance: How to Maintain Adequate Coverage

California Health Insurance: How to Maintain Adequate Coverage

Within the scope of providers in the California Health Insurance industry, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California has health coverage that offers benefits in one of a couple ways.

A Preferred Provider Organization, commonly referred to as a PPO offers a wide variety of doctors, hospitals, and physician specialists. By visiting one of these providers, you are able to receive care at a lower cost based on a negotiated amount. Just make certain your provider is included on the list for Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California. Otherwise, you might receive the same service at a higher cost.

The other coverage offered by Blue Cross of California falls under the category of an HMO or Health Maintenance Organization. Compared to a PPO, an HMO supports a smaller group of providers. These providers offer their services in conjunction with certain California Health Insurance companies at fixed rates.

Under this type of coverage, you’re allowed to select one physician or primary healthcare provider. Among California Health Insurance providers, Blue Cross, Blue Shield offers fewer providers with regards to HMO coverage. Generally those individuals covered under this type of plan must obtain a referral from their chosen provider or physician if they wish to consult a specialist.

In order to receive adequate coverage at a reasonable cost, it’s important to follow certain steps.  It s good to take advantage of the free medical checkups offered by most insurance plans that the majority of providers offer. This can help reduce your overall premiums or health insurance costs as you are providing a reliable means for yourself and your insurer to minimize costs. As most illnesses can be treated before they progress by undergoing an exam, you also help reduce the costs passed on to you.

Among California Health Insurance providers, HMOs are normally the preferred choice as your costs can be substantially reduced by using this type of coverage. Nonetheless, you are still restricted as far as the type of doctor you choose. If you’re someone who likes to have a wider range of providers to choose from, then maybe an HMO is not for you. Still, if you can make the sacrifice, your health care costs can significantly drop.

If you’re self-employed, your health care premiums may be tax-deductible. Consult a tax advisor with regards to the tax implications for your particular situation.

When choosing a health insurer, choose a higher co-pay or payment to reduce premiums if you visit your doctor only once in a while. You can take a lower co-pay or payment if your visits are more frequent. Evidently, your health is a factor in reducing overall costs.

California Health Insurance coverage among those insured by Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield California offers some exemplary plans. Some of the current plans are PPO Savings Plan 4000, PPO Balance Plan 2500, PPO Balance Plans 2500, 1700, 1000, and Access HMO.

Regardless of the California Health Insurance coverage you select, it’s good to know the measures needed to reduce premium costs and which plan is best suited to your particular needs. Hopefully, the above information can better inform you on how to proceed.

Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California