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Make the Transition from Hospital to Home as Smooth as Possible

Make the Transition from Hospital to Home as Smooth as Possible

A hospital stay for surgery and/or illness can be stressful and daunting. But once you’ve made it through all the poking and prodding, and you are deemed ready to go home, will you be prepared? Getting ready for the transition from the hospital to home is a crucial step in your recovery plan. And you may be surprised to realize that the need for care does not always end, just because you are going home.

You will meet with a hospital discharge planner prior to going home who will provide you with an individualized plan based on your age, lifestyle, prognosis, health history, and level of activity. Below are some important questions to discuss with the discharge planner before making the long journey home.

*Think about the physical attributes of your home, and whether they will be manageable. For instance, are there stairs to climb? Will you easily be able to go from the bedroom to the bathroom?

*Will you need medical treatment at home such as wound care, diabetic counseling, or physical therapy?

*What restrictions will apply to your day-to-day activities? Are you able to drive, bathe, exercise?

*What prescriptions will you need, and what are the instructions for each?

*Is there a special diet you need to be following, or can you return to your normal eating habits?

*Do you have a family member or friend who can give you support at home? Have they been fully informed about your condition, and about expectations for the healing process?

*Are there certain warning signs or complications of which you should be aware? What are some of the problems that would indicate you need to call your doctor or surgeon?

*Are follow up appointments required? Getting clear answers on all of the above will give you a healthy start on your journey to recovery. It is always good to remember that recovery is a process, and it may take more time than you think to regain your strength and return to normalcy. Try to set realistic goals and keep a positive attitude. Some careful planning and a happy disposition will both help tremendously as you move from hospital to home-sweet-home.

What is “The Broccoli Effect” and How Can it Help You?

What is “The Broccoli Effect” and How Can it Help You?

Almost everyone is aware that eating lots of leafy, dark green vegetables is a healthy choice. Even if we don’t put heaping piles of fresh spinach or kale on our dinner plates, we know that we probably should. New research is unlocking the secrets of why certain veggies are helping us to stay healthy and to minimize the effects of aging.

It turns out that simple broccoli is a very impressive anti-aging food that comes with the added benefit of contributing to heart health. A recent study conducted at UCLA demonstrates that, among vegetables, broccoli is the best source of a chemical called sulforaphane. This chemical helps to activate the body’s own antioxidants, which helps to control cell decline.

And that’s not all. Broccoli is one versatile vegetable. One study that tested broccoli extracts revealed that broccoli can have a direct impact on preventing bladder cancer. The same study found that broccoli helps prevent muscle damage during oxygen deprivation (which is one key to surviving a heart attack).

Dieticians remind us that the way you prepare broccoli and other vegetables has a large impact on the benefits you receive. For instance, consider steaming broccoli rather than boiling it to preserve the nutrients. And never fear that you must eat broccoli every day. Other vegetables that are rich in sulforaphane include kale, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, collards, and turnips. As a rule, if it has green leaves, it’s good for you, and you are most likely not eating enough of it!

So why are we talking about The Broccoli Effect on an insurance blog.  Quite simple, insurance rates.  If you can start making changes in your eating habits and eat healthier, your insurance rates will go down, because the risk to the insurance company becomes minimized.  So while your thinking about it, go to the refrigerator and grab a green leafy vegetable to snack on.

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