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Health Insurance Premiums to increase

I was reading this article from the Wall Street Journal this morning, that said premiums for individuals purchasing health insurance could rise as much as 116%.  If I’m looking at the premium that my family of 3 pays, that is substantial.  Plus, you know when business expenses go up, they have to charge more to their customers, that my friends is a vicious circle.

Healthcare Law

With regards to the healthcare law, how specifically will it affect you personally?

2013 HSA Contribution Limits

2013 HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS has recently announced the new contribution limits for HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts).

HSA contribution limits: 

  • Individuals (self-only coverage) – $3,250 (up $150 from 2012)
  • Family coverage – $6,450 (up $200 from 2012)

HDHP minimum required deductibles:

  • $1,250 for self-only coverage
  • $2,500 for family coverage

Out-of-pocket maximum:

(Out-of-pocket expenses include deductibles, co-payments, and other amounts, but not premiums)

  • $6,250 for self-only coverage
  • $12,500 for family coverage

Under guidelines implemented in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, over-the-counter drugs may only be reimbursed if they have a prescription. If a policyholder uses an HSA to pay for items or services that aren’t qualified medical expenses, the tax penalty is 20 percent of the HSA distribution.

Holy Family ER and Premera BC

 I was reading this news story on Krem about Holy Family ER docs not being contracted or “In Network” for Premera Blue Cross.  Please keep in mind that this just affects the ER docs and not the rest of the hospital.  Also “typically speaking” these sorts of things happen and are usually resolved over time.

If you have questions about your current coverage or are looking to get new coverage, I am more then willing to help you with those decisions.  Just Contact Me.

Missionary Medical Insurance

Missionary Medical Insurance

The Global Navigator is Worldwide health insurance and services for career missionaries and volunteers.  The Global Navigator health plan meets the needs of missionaries and volunteers by offering comprehensive worldwide benefits – inside and outside the U.S. – without the typical limits, eligibility conditions and benefit exclusions common among traditional plans.  Unlike plans that limit furlough coverage, Global Navigator covers stateside tours of any length, delivering the continuity and convenience of benefits that are truly seamless, portable and renewable.  Global Navigator is the premier health plan for missionaries and volunteers because it combines these benefits with concierge-level medical assistance and easy access to an elite community of carefully selected hospitals outside the U.S. and a network of over 700,000 doctors and hospitals inside the U.S.  Global Navigator gives missionaries and volunteers peace of mind, knowing they always have the freedom to access top medical care and benefits no matter where their ministries take them.

The brochure and paper application Global Navigator Missionary Medical Insurance (Brochure and Application)


Arizona Short Term Medical

Arizona Short Term Medical

Most Arizona employees that leave employment also leave their employer-backed health care coverage behind. This really is frequently a chancy move, especially without getting other insurance options readily accessible to you.

For those who have left your projects, you will want most likely already learned that obtaining affordable medical insurance isn’t the easiest task when you’re between jobs. COBRA (COBRA: Federal legislation that lets you, if you work for an insured employer group of 20 or more employees, continue to purchase health insurance for up to 18 months if you lose your job or your employer-sponsored coverage is otherwise terminated. For more information, visit the Department of Labor.) is certainly a choice providing you with you the legal right to keep your insurance from your previous employment, nevertheless the monthly rates are frequently very pricey the other that numerous simply can’t afford while unemployed.

Temporary insurance, the short-term kind of medical insurance, is certainly an inexpensive choice to our prime rates associated with COBRA. It’s designed make use of a bridge involving the gap of locating the next job and departing your former employer-backed plan. Getting this kind of policy can remove the chance of not shielded from unforeseen injuries or sickness when you are between jobs, but pre-existing the elements is generally excluded.

The rates in short-term coverage recommendations are relatively less costly than people for COBRA, nevertheless the cost could appear pricey for an individual without any employment. While finances may tempt you to definitely postpone insurance before you decide to find another job, you should never forget that financial security may be the primary reason why people purchase short-term medical insurance to start with.

It takes merely one unforeseen hospital trip or admission to put someone without health care coverage 100s to thousands of dollars with debt. For example, consider the financial effects in the event you out of the blue develop appendicitis and wish a crisis appendectomy when you don’t have healthcare insurance as well as the average cost of the appendectomy is between $11,000 and $18,000 dollars. Numerous financial studies have reported medical bills one of the primary causes of personal personal bankruptcy in the united states. Getting short-term well being services to move you before next job may help stay away from the catastrophe to become responsible for the all-inclusive costs of medical bills from being without being insured.

Aside from the price of financial protection, short-term insurance helps as well to avoid getting medical health insurance claims rejected under Medical Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) laws and regulations and rules. Basically, people that don’t have a break from credible insurance plan exceeding 63 days are believed to own maintained a ongoing coverage, meaning they’re not going to be prone to exclusions for pre-existing conditions. And, many approved short-term recommendations are incorporated inside the whole world of credible coverage, even if they have exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Depending on specific condition needs, Arizona short-term recommendations might run for just about any term which is between 30-days to at least one year. To date as payment goes, most short-term medical insurance plans offer two different options – needing to pay using a monthly installment plan or perhaps in one up-front payment that will cover a specific period of time. Generally, single payment plans are slightly under payment monthly plans.

Clearly, temporary insurance is built to be that??¦a temporary treatment for ease your wellness and financial concerns. It is not designed to go longer when compared to a year and won’t be described as a extended-term insurance solution. After you have found another job, you have to consider your brand-new employer’s insurance options and find out once your new coverage would start be it selected.

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